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Why Stay-at-home Moms Created a Petition against the 2009 Card Act May 16, 2012 - 4:16 pm
Stay-at-home moms and househusbands across the nation are up in arms because of federal regulations that have hampered their access to credit cards because they don’t actually have an income of their own under their name. The outrage has become so abundant that an online petition at has already garnered 33,000 signatures demanding that the law be retracted. On the petition, it says that this new law is regressive and returns housewives to the 1970s when securing a credit card of their own without the bread winner’s explicit permission was near impossible. The law, which was part of the Card Act in 2009, was established as a means of preventing predatory lending — from college students to low-income families, the nation was saturated with…
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Spotlight Average Credit Card Rates in December 2011 December 23, 2011 - 11:14 am
Average credit card interest rates for consumers and businesses changed during the first half of December, 2011 despite a stable US bank prime rate of 3.25%.  Not all credit card interest rates are directly linked to the prime rate and there are a variety of reasons why the average credit card interest rates might change even with a stable US bank prime rate. December 2011 Average Credit Card Rates In December, the difference between interest rates for individuals with good credit compared to individuals with average credit narrowed, dropping between a half a percent to 3.57%.   The overall average interest rate for all credit cards is 16.71%. The only category of credit cards which did not change their average interest rates this quarter are business…
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